About Us

Founded in 2011, CLOUDSEC has established itself as a global community for cyber security experts and professionals. The CLOUDSEC tagline “Have a Safe Journey” aims to inspire technology professionals and users to embark on a continuous learning journey to explore and learn about industry trends, best practices, and new technologies to secure the digital infrastructures, and manage the technological risks of their organisations in safely supporting their corporate goals.



CLOUDSEC Online is an interactive virtual knowledge hub that showcases an experiential series of virtual events, webinars, and online activities brought to you by industry leaders and security enthusiasts. The platform is filled with content, for the purpose of educating security and IT practitioners with the latest industry trends, best practices, and new technologies.



CLOUDSEC Events are one of the largest internet security conferences held across Asia Pacific and Europe. These events are vendor-neutral and feature presentations by industry experts who address a wide spectrum of real-world challenges and current strategies in internet security today. These events are hosted by Trend Micro and supported by industry leaders, government agencies, commercial organizations, professional associations, technology vendors, and cyber security professionals from around the world.

The CLOUDSEC program addresses these strategic technology issues and developments in the industry:

  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Big Data Security
  • Cloud and Data Center Security
  • Compliance
  • Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches
  • Cybercrime and Forensics
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Mobile and Internet Things Security
  • Personnel Development and Capacity Building
  • Virtualisation and Software Defined Networking

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