AI + Humans = Kick-Ass Cybersecurity

Humans and AI are doing so well separately on maintaining cybersecurity so far, but what if we combine the two? This is what MIT is actually doing and has achieved great results! (See related post: You’ve Got It Covered? Think Again. Here’s Why Virtualization Security Matters in 2016

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Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and machine-learning startup PatternEx have developed a new platform called AI2 that can detect 85 percent of attacks. It also reduces the number of “false positives” — nonthreats mistakenly identified as threats — by a factor of five, the researchers said.

The system was tested on 3.6 billion pieces of data generated by millions of users over a period of three months. The researchers presented a paper summarizing the project earlier this month at the IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security.

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