How ready are you to defend against cloud security threats? 

Join us for CLOUDSEC Conference at 8:00am and take the #CLOUDSEC_Challenge from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Solution Village.

You will team up with your peers and run cyber attacks in a controlled environment with the same tools and techniques used in a real-world environment; then, you can plan and implement the appropriate security strategy to block these attacks.

All Challengers will be rewarded with a Pin and a Certificate of Appreciation! 
CLOUDSEC 2019 - Hackathon Pin.png

The top 5 teams to win over $3,000 worth of prizes and claim the CHAMPION title of our first #CLOUDSEC_Challenge! 

Just follow these 3 easy steps to Join #CLOUDSEC_Challenge: 
1. Form a team of 3 people or less
2. Each Challenger will be required to bring your own laptop 
3. Sign up now to be the Champion of #CLOUDSEC_Challenge

The aim is to win the #CLOUDSEC_Challenge, and be the best at hacking and defending.

Reserve your seats by registering today! 

14 August 2019

1:00pm to 5.00pm

Marina Bay Sands Expo

Level 3

Solution Village